Your Print Publication Delivered On A Hot New Media Channel

Inc Media are proud to present their mobile book production service. A service uniquely developed for the literacy world! Your work can now be read on billions of handsets worldwide, in full book version or part book/single chapter/introduction to the full book. Great for new revenue streams, or for marketing your full book.

What is a mobile book?

We have produced a complex program that will format your book text into an application similar to a mobile phone game process. This mini application can be downloaded and installed on mobile phone, and read as a book. The easy to use software allows the reader to use the keys to go up or down a line, scroll to chapters, preview previous chapters, auto scroll and search through keyword. Even activate the backlight if reading in the dark.


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What market is there for mobile books?

There are over 2.7 Billion mobile phone handset users worldwide. There are three times as many mobile phones as automobiles or personal computers, about twice as many mobile phone owners as those of fixed landline phones or credit cards. And almost twice as many mobile phones in use as TV sets.

Nintendo have recently launched a classic book collection for the DS Lite, Sony have produced a mobile bookStand alone product. Not everyone wants to purchase a new piece of equipment and with mobile books being able to be read on many different types of handsets the market for mobile books has never been better.

Unlike the latest product from Nintendo DS Lite Classic book collection, No additional reading software or hardware is required for mobile phone handsets.Mobile data including mobile downloads is a 135 billion dollar industry worldwide.